Dr. Jerom S Blackman

a fellow of the International Psychoanalytic Association, Training and Supervising Analyst, Contemporary Freudian Society, Washington, DC

Dr. Blackman is also a Professor of Psychiatry at Eastern Virginia Medical School, where he has taught psychiatry residents and psychology interns for over 30 years. He also holds the Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Mental Health post at Shanxi Medical University in Taiyuan, and consultant to Shanghai Mental Health Hospital.

He has lectured at medical schools throughout the United States, Europe, and China, on subjects such as Masochism, Laziness, Why Men Have Affairs, Psychoanalytic Concepts in Diagnosis, Choice of Treatment as well as on others.

He is the recipient of the Edith Sabshin MD Award for Teaching from the American Psychoanalytic Association, the Distinguished Teacher Award from the American Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians, and the Dr. Henry P. & M. Page Laughlin Gold Medal Award from the American College of Psychoanalysts.  A teaching award was named after him in 1992 at the Naval Medical Center –Portsmouth.

Dr. Blackman is the author of three books, which have been translated into other languages.  They are 101 Defenses: How the Mind Shields Itself; Get the Diagnosis Right: Assessment and Treatment Selection for Mental Disorders; The Therapist’s Answer Book:  Solutions to 101 Tricky Problems in Psychotherapy.  With Dr. Kathleen Dring, he also co-authored Sexual Aggression against Children:  Pedophiles’ and Abusers’ Dynamics, Development, Treatability, and the Law.